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ERGO Brushes

Selecting a brush is a very personal decision. Weight, balance, feel in the hand and the resulting desired finish of the hair all come into play.

The first collection of brushes have been proven to create a smooth, shiny and humidity resistant finish to the hair. Hair color lasts longer!



Chromastics styling products

Chromastics Hair Care

The Tri-Organic Complex line of hair care products is made with a base complex of 3 certified organic ingredients, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera and Ginkgo Biloba. We chose these ingredients for their moisturizing and anti-oxidant characteristics.

Chromastics hair color

Chromastics Hair Color

Chromastics has been developed and designed to return control of hair coloring servicesto the professional colorist. It is designed to enhance the colorist’s professionalism and expertise by allowing the colorist to determine every aspect of the process. It gives the colorist control of tone, lightening and deposit. Chromastics gives the colorist maximum creativity with minimum colors.

19 Shades of Permanent

17 Shades of Deposit-Only

4 Concentrates

2 Lightening Creams

1 Lightening Powder

4 Developers (10, 20, 25, 40)


Poly8 is non-toxic, non-staining, water-soluble, hypo-allergenic and leaves no residue after rinsing. Our product is inexpensive, simple to use and very, very effective.


Benefits To You & Your Salon!

Whirl-a-Style Hairstyling Products allow you to create elegant, sassy hairstyles as a SALON SERVICE  in less time! Become a Whirl-a-Style Member to increase your bottom line by providing unique services increasing customer loyalty and promoting Whirl-a-Style as the ultimate take home retail item.

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